How to purchase

Last updated: 06.Apr.2019

First of all, please read [Purchase Order Terms And Conditions] and please use on the understanding that.
(There is written in important content about [ We cannot accept return / replace and refunds. ] , warranty, and quality etc...)

・The price is payable in advance.

The product will be shipped within about one week after the payment is confirmed.
(We need to confirm information of shipping. and packing the product in wooden box)
If shipment is delayed we will contact you.

・Additional cost

Please pay these charges separately.

Charge of Stripe, PayPal or Wire Transfer.
※Please pay to each service.

Customs duties ( include Import consumption tax )
※Customs Law is different in each country.
※Please pay to courier.

Total amount is [ commodity fee ] + [ charge of Stripe / PayPal / Wire transfer ] + [ include Import consumption tax ].

(1) Please click to item you like from the commodity list. (Go to the page of the product.)

(2) Please select [ without Hard-case ] or [ with Hard-case and Soft-case ] from the pull-down menu [ Accessories ].

(3) After check the stocks and read the contents of the page carefuly.

(4) If you want to buy it, follow these steps.

・In the case of Stripe settlement.Click to [ Buy now ] button.
・In the case of PayPal settlement.Click to [ PayPal Buy Now ] button.
・In the case of Wire Transfer to HSBC Hong Kong.Click to [ Add to cart ] button.

※Stripe and PayPal settlement also can be click to [ Add to cart ] button.
※I f you want to more purchase item also click to [ Add to cart ] button.

(5) If you select [ Add to cart ] and if you want to settlement, Please click to [ View cart ] button.

※I f you want to more purchase item,Please click to [ View cart ] button after adding other item put in cart.

(6) Please confirm item name,price,quantity,total price on the cart page.

※Item price include shipping charge. (Shipping is fixed cost for worldwide.)

(7) Please select to settlement method from follow these steps.

(8) Please settlement (payment) procedures in each of the methods.

※We need accurate information fo your [ Post-code, Address, Name, Phone number, e-mail address ] for shipment.
Please carefully confirm about your information.

(9) In the case of Wire Transfer

Please enter the billing information, Then Please select to [ Offline Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer) 電信送金 ] at bottom of the page.
and Please click to [ Place order ] button.

・In the case of Wire Transfer,Still order is not completed.
The order will be complete once we confirm your payment.

(10) An automatic mail of the order completion is sent to you from a shop system.

(11) We will send a mail of the order reception completion to you once more within 48 hours.

Content of email :

・Confirmation of your order

・Confirmation of the shipping address.

・Please make your payment directly into our HSBC Hong Kong bank account within 7 days. (by US$ T/T wire transfer)
※Please pay transfer charge by yourself.
(Please be careful. If you do not pay transfer charge,We can not shipping. Because,It is the lack of commodity price.
If that case, you need to send a shortage amount of money again. Of course, It is need pay transfer charge again by yourself.)

・When you wire transfer in the bank, Please fill in order number on the reference column.

< Information of the wire transfer destination bank account  >

Bank Name : HSBC Hong Kong (Bank code 004)
Branch Name : Citylink Plaza (Branch code 819)
Account Number : 819-143884838
Account Name : AIONLIMITED

・Could you send us the payment details (.jpg) by e-mail, Because, we can be check to your payment more smoothly.
e-mail :

・We will arrange the shipment after the payment is confirmed.

・If you did not wire transfer within if 7 days. the order will be canceled.
In that case, We will refuse your next order. Please be understanding of that.

・If difference shipping address with multiple orders.Plese order for each shipping address.

・If same shipping address with multiple orders. Plese order that by batch.

(12) We will arrange the shipment after the payment is confirmed.

We confirm information of shipping and packing the product in wooden box at the same time.
We will hand over that to the carrier about one week, (Basically, we use FedEx.)

If in the case shipment is delayed by the holidays or unavoidable circumstances, we will inform you as soon as possible.

(13) We will inform you about the Tracking number and about the transport company in order that you can do the follow-up as well as the term estimated of delivery.

(14) Our shipping is DDU ( Delivered Duty Unpaid ) at your place. All shipping charges are paid by us but the duties, local taxes and import consumption tax if any will be yours. Please payment to carrier and recive the item .

※Japanese case : There is free of import duty on musical instrument, but import consumption tax charged to that.
( price of Invoice x 0.6 x consumption tax)

※Please check and follow the import law of your country.











(1) 商品リストから購入希望の商品をクリックして、商品の詳細ページを表示します。
(3) 在庫の有るかを確認し、詳細ページに記載された内容を熟読の上、下記の要領でお支払い方法に合わせて選択して下さい。

・paypal決済の場合は「PayPal Buy Now」ボタンを押します。


(4) 「カートに入れる」を選択した場合、決済に進む場合は「カートを表示」をクリックして下さい。


(5) カートを表示し、商品、価格、数量、合計金額をご確認のうえ、下記のボタンの中から決済方法をお選び下さい。


(6) お支払い方法ごとに決済を行って下さい。



請求先情報の詳細ページにてご入力して頂いたあと、ページ下部から再度「Offline Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer) 電信送金」をチェックのうえ、右下の「注文する」をクリックしてください。


(8) 注文完了の自動メールがお送りされます。
(9) 弊社より48時間以内に改めてご注文受付完了のメールをお送りさせて頂き、発送に向けての手順と情報についてお知らせ致します。







銀行名:HSBC Hong Kong (銀行コード 004)、
支店名:Citylink Plaza (支店コード 819)、






(10) Stripe、PayPal決済および電信送金での入金確認後、速やかに発送準備を行います。


(11) 発送後に荷物の追跡番号やインボイス画像をメールにてお送り致します。
(12) 日本の税関では、楽器は関税が掛かりませんが個人輸入消費税が課せられます。